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Your strategic partner in realizing your company’s potential is Eno Global Holding Inc. We assist you in navigating the competitive landscape, locating new growth possibilities, and overcoming obstacles thanks to our in-depth industry understanding, creative solutions, and individualized approach.


We Bring our clients and their stakeholders trough challenging financial, operational strategic transitions , Our clients rely on us as a trusted partner to help chardt en entire new future in Africa . Your Mission is our mission...


We see your future Vision and Beyond it which is why we are on a mission to bring more to deal founding with unique thinking because the journey is difficult is diffrent for every business but our destination is always the same Great transformation and great return


Sharing vision of the future is key to realizing sucess, and for us . we are engage totaly . Engagement means more than just a project - we enter into partnership with our clients their goals are our goals. Your vision is our vision..

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Leading business consultant Eno Global Holding Inc. focuses on assisting companies in realizing their full potential and success. We offer complete solutions that are specifically crafted to match the individual demands of each of our clients thanks to our years of experience and team of committed specialists. We are a full-service market acquisition company focused on value generation. Our team of knowledgeable consultants collaborates with our clients to offer customized solutions that produce excellent results across a variety of aims.

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Services We Provide

At Eno Global Holding Inc, we offer a wide range of services including strategic business planning, market research, financial management, operational optimization, sales and marketing strategies, and technology solutions. Our team of experts works closely with clients to develop customized solutions for their unique needs, empowering their business for success.

Transaction Partner

Eno Global Holding Inc. assists companies in managing difficult mergers & acquisitions, divestitures, and other strategic transactions as a reliable transaction partner.

Performance Boost

Our performance boost services are made to increase a company's financial performance, expansion plans, and operational effectiveness. We assist with customers

Portfolio Company Services

Eno Global Holding Inc offers a wide range of services to its portfolio companies, including as financial management, operational enhancements, and growth acceleration.


Eno Global Holding Inc. specialises in offering excellent solutions that support the growth of enterprises. Our ability to unleash your company's potential and propel success is a result of our strategic knowledge, transactional proficiency, and in-depth industry knowledge. For a dynamic and revolutionary experience, join forces with us.

Energy & Resources

Eno Global Holding Inc. has extensive knowledge of the energy and resource industries, including mining, utilities, oil and gas, and renewable energy. In order to find and seize investment opportunities,

Real Estate Construction & Engineering

With years of experience working with developers, contractors, and engineering firms,

Gold Mining

Eno Global Holding Inc. is an expert in investing in the gold mining industry and provides strategic advice and expert insights to the industry's companies.

Transportation Solutions

For companies operating in a variety of sectors, such as logistics, supply chain management, and transportation infrastructure,

Solar Energy

Leading the solar energy sector, Eno Global Holding Inc. assists clients in taking advantage of the rising demand for renewable energy sources.

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Meet Our Expert Team

At Eno Global Holding Inc, we have a strong team of professionals. Our experts are dedicated to maximizing the potential of your business and have extensive knowledge and expertise in a range of industries. 

Kate Landorf


François Oloa


Alexia Apostolidis

Managing Director/ Head private M/A



Clients Feedback

Our Client Reviews

Our finest advocates are happy customers. What they had to say about Eno Global Holding Inc. is as follows

Eno Global Holding Inc. has been a crucial ally in guiding us through challenging transactions and enhancing our company's performance. Their know-how and strategic perceptions have been crucial to our success.

John D
John D


For our portfolio company services, we have collaborated with Eno Global Holding Inc. Their team has been fantastic in offering us first-rate support and direction. Their strategic approach and in-depth knowledge of the industry have produced excellent outcomes.

Sarah P
Sarah P


The transaction partner services provided by Eno Global Holding Inc. have been crucial to our growth and expansion ambitions. Our trust in achieving our corporate goals has grown as a result of their skill in deal structure and execution.

Michael W


For our divestiture expertise, we have worked with Eno Global Holding Inc. Their staff has been great in offering us thorough direction and support throughout the process. Their strategic thinking and meticulousness have been superb.

Linda S


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